Yolo Pros Review

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Yolo Pros Review

The Yolo Pros opportunity was brought to my attention from one of my mentors. Someone I like and trust. So I took a look at it. It didn’t take me long to see the amazing potential of this opportunity. I have been in the network marketing/internet marketing niche for over 7 years. I have been involved in any opportunities over the years and have never seen anything like this.

The company has been in business for over a year now but the business model just expanded this week. Yolo is now part of a calling app for your smart phone that connects business agents to clients. People can get paid working from home as many hours they like a day. The hours are 9am to 9pm EST time. Now you can work as many hours a day as you want. You get paid everytime you connect a client to an agent. The numbers and name of the client come up in the app, the app calls the client. You just ask for their name and if it is them than you connect them to an agent and if they stay on the phone for more than 7 seconds you get paid $1.25. I have never seen anything as easy as this.

This is not telemarketing! Yolo provides a service for big companies that they are happy to pay for. Most people hang up the phone if it is a “robot” on the other end. People are more likely to stay on the line if its a real human on the other end of the phone. Companies know this and pay for this service.

What I like best about this opportunity is people truly can make money without recruiting anybody into their team. Now you can build a team and earn commissions on every call they connect also. This can really add up quick. You could even start a call center if you wanted and have each person you bring in come to your office and make calls during the day and you can provide the space and wifi internet connection.

Now there is a $10 setup fee and the opportunity costs $20 per month but you will make that back quickly. This is a business opportunity so there is a small upfront investment, but if you work with the app you are going to make money. Here is our income disclaimer. There are no guarantees with this opportunity that you will make money. If you do absolutely nothing will will make absolutely nothing!! I know you think this should go without saying, but you wouldn’t belive how many people they  will get rich and have to do nothing for the money. Its crazy but true. 🙂

When you join this opportunity you will receive a mobile marketing beacon to help build your business.

How The Beacons Work


Automatically promote your products, services or opportunity to nearby Android and iPhones via Bluetooth Broadcasting (range up to 100 yards) – approx. a football field.
Unlimited wireless messaging with “No Monthly” fees required.
Schedule 3 different broadcast messages daily.
Create your own “Daily Deals” or promote sales, offers and events.
  Every message contains a clickable link.
  GoYolo Beacon messages can be written in any language.
  Every “GoYoLo” device is equipped with a 9 month replaceable battery.
  “GoYoLo” is battery powered and does not require cellular data or a WiFi connection.
  Just take it out of the box and you’re up and running.
  Program and change your messages as often as you choose.


Ready to get Started Click here Now…

You can use the beacons to build any business but you should really focus on Yolo as your main income opportunity. Don’t fall into the shiny object syndrome.

About Yolopros™

Headquartered in Henderson, NV, Founders Kai Jacobson and Jay Ahlin created Yolopros™ in 2016 to help people do what they truly love, but the difference is… now, they get paid for it.

We recognized that for people to succeed financially, we needed to create a business model that had a lucrative pay plan, was easy to understand, set-up and manage.  Our market had to be established where people were already spending massive amounts of money.


YoloPros™ is dedicated to providing a business environment created on the belief that sustainable long-term success can only be achieved through a mindset of placing “People Over Profit”.

Through our years of experience in building profitable online businesses, we recognized the problems that cause many to fail in achieving financial success.
Our Mission is to provide everyone with an affordable opportunity to participate in a true business that will enrich their lives and contribute to their success… now and in the future.

“Together, we are a powerful force creating a better world by empowering people to reach their best potential.”

Our Opportunity

At last…a proven business model that is affordable, highly sustainable and extremely profitable.

YoloPros™ offers:

Two Extraordinary Income Opportunities…

1. Our Exclusive eCommerce Business Model – Get Paid 100% of the Revenues!

2. Our Independent Resellers (IRs) Referral Program – Pays Out 100%!

An Industry First…

Global Member-to-Member Payment Platform that pays directly into your personal online account in Real Time.

An e-Commerce Platform Offering High Demand Quality Digital Products

An Automated Lead Generation & Prospecting System

Dynamic Members Back Office with Tutorials, Training, Educational Materials and Support.

We Do The Heavy Lifting For You…

We provide the technology… all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to have your business up and running today!


To Get Started Now, Click here.

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